19th March – Club Statement

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Following the Government’s announcement that schools will be closing from tomorrow Friday 20th March 2020 the club has decided to follow in the same measure. All classes beyond Friday 20th of March 2020 will be cancelled until Monday 20th April 2020.

We are asking parents to continue to make payments in the short term as it is anticipated we will be able to reopen the gym on Monday 20th April. Any hours missed during the shutdown will be made up during the summer holidays.

This decision is not taken lightly but is the only responsible / reasonable action at this time. We will continue to review the situation on a regular basis. This reopening date is subject to change and we will carefully re-evaluate as the situation develops and communicate with you accordingly.

The City of Lancaster Gymnastics Club operates as a not for profit sports club, we always aim to keep costs affordable and reinvest money raised back into the running of the club. Our Community work is at the heart of our club and what is happening to our community during this crisis is devastating for everyone to see. Health is always at the forefront of our minds however we still need to plan for the financial implications that this virus will have on the club. Please rest assured we are doing everything we can to put our members health first and ensure the club doesn’t get into financial difficulties which could potentially cause us and many other sports clubs to close.

The coaching staff will be organising some materials that gymnasts can use to continue training in isolation during the closure. This will include videos and training plans posted on Facebook and Instagram. We will be posting these out regularly.

We will also be seeking guidance and help from British Gymnastics, Sport England, NHS UK, Public Health England and the Government in efforts to ensure the club is still standing once the current Coronavirus pandemic has subsided.

We would like to extend our thanks to all members / parents that have helped and supported the club so far.

I read something in a letter recently that was sent out to parents. It was ‘thought provoking’ and thought I would share it with you.

Please use this time to play games together, take long walks in the countryside together, watch films together, laugh together, have fun together, bake cakes together, eat too many biscuits together!

Take care of each other and if there is anything we can do as a club to support you, please get in touch.

Kindest regards

Marie Gardner

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