Competitive Acrobatics

Acrobatic Gymnastics is the City of Lancaster Gymnastics Clubs specialist gymnastics discipline. Acrobatics is an expressive, dynamic and spectacular sport for boys and girls; combining power and poise, with grace and beauty. This dynamic and spirited sport builds confidence and camaraderie amongst participants.

Once you’ve learnt the basics, you can keep developing your skills for fun and fitness or challenge yourself through competitions from local to national, all the way to the international level.

In Acrobatic Gymnastics there are three types of competitive routine and five group categories. All routines are choreographed to music and take place on a 12m x 12m sprung floor area.

  • Balance
    artful demonstrations of strength, balance, flexibility and agility
  • Dynamic
    showing flight from throws, boosts, pitches and catches
  • Combination
    elements from the balance and dynamic routines
  • Women’s Pairs
    one base and one top
  • Men’s Pairs
    one base and one top
  • Mixed Pairs
    a male base and a female top
  • Women’s Groups
    a base, middle and top
  • Men’s Fours
    a base, middle one, middle two and a top.

Competitive Floor and Vault

Floor and Vault is a competitive group that takes part in various competitions around the North West. Within the competition, they compete for an individual floor routine and a vault. The Floor and Vault squad is designed to give children a chance to experience competitions at a club level, to challenge themselves and to be part of a fun team environment. This group is by selection only.

Competitive Tumbling

The City of Lancaster Gymnastics Club’s Club Level Tumbling Class is 2 hours long and provide progressive skills to develop fundamental skills which will support them to start the discipline of Tumbling at the introductory club level. The gymnasts are given the opportunity to improve their tumbling skills, flexibility and strength, whilst being nurtured to reach their full potential by our team of dedicated and knowledgeable coaches. The gymnast’s ages generally range from 7+ years. This group is by selection only.