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Scottish Invitational 2020


Bristol Acro Grades 2020


Rotherham Invitational 2020

Lily - Age 11

I enjoy gymnastics because I get to learn new dances and new skills. The coaches are really kind.

Ellen - Age 10

I love coming to gymnastics because I enjoy learning new and different things like moves and everyone is really kind and friendly.

Izzy - Age 11

I like coming to gym because the coaches are really nice. We are very productive, we do fun things, it keeps us fit and everybody is really nice!

Lola - Age 11

I enjoy coming to gymnastics because i like learning new skills and performing at gymnastic and dance competitions.

Maria - Age 12

I like coming to gymnastics because it is fun and i love doing gymnastics also the environment and the people are amazing. We are all a big family and at competitions everyone is so supportive of you. You make long lasting friends and loads of memories.

Karisma - Age 16

Gymnastics is great because you can learn and improve different skills. You make new and lasting friendships. Going into competitions you may feel nervous but in the end you come out feeling proud and positive.

Chloe - Age 13

I enjoy coming to gymnastics because everyone and the coaches are so friendly. Over the years i have been coming I have become so confident in performing. I have loved going to competitions and have loved the ballet and it has helped me so much. Thank you x