Welcome to Adult Gymnastics!

Suitable for both beginners and more advanced performers. Our adult gymnastics classes start with a structured warm-up, followed by the teaching of basics. It is great if it is your first time in the world of gymnastics or if you haven’t practised in a very long time. This class will be focusing on the basics of gymnastics: headstand and handstand, forward and backward roll, cartwheel, different jumps with trampette, trampoline, double mini and much more!

For the more experienced gymnasts, we can also offer great progressions and exercises to learn amazing skills such as front tuck, back tuck, front handspring, back handspring, round off and more. We also implement some great exercises to improve your strength and fitness.

We cover flexibility exercises that are a very important aspect of gymnastics and sport in general. It is great in injury prevention and it can really help to reduce the muscle stiffness and release the stress after an intense workout (or working day). Our coaches will give you the right progression, always based on your level of flexibility.

Our coaches are also qualified in acrobatic gymnastics. This type of gymnastics is a gymnastic discipline where partnerships of gymnasts work together and perform dynamic and balance elements, dance and tumbling, set to music.

There will be supervised free time to pursue own goals. It’s fun, invigorating and will help you get fit. Coaches are on hand to provide advice and support whenever required.